Dear Mammal

Sarah Gerard Dear Mammal, Your star moved over me in opposition. You implanted yourself in the walls of me. Your father held me in the bathtub and we watched you spread around us, light diffusing. There were all the days after. I’m taking a bus to the mountains. Science is unforgiving but we return to [...]

An Interview with Mike McHone

By Sandra Shim Sandra Shim: What kind of mindset were you in when you wrote the poem in this issue, "The Executioner is Drunk and The Ropes Are Too Wet for Strangulation"? Mike McHone: Stoned. (laughs) To be honest, I was in a sarcastic mindset. I came up with the title first, which is something [...]

An Interview with Dorothy Chan

By Melanie Quezada Melanie Quezada: Within your chapbook, Chinatown Sonnets, you speak about the Chinatown of American media and the Chinatown of your childhood. What influences your poems? What are your hopes when you send your poetry into the world? Dorothy Chan: Lots of magical things, like what’s walking down the runway this season, what [...]

It’s Vending Men

Dorothy Chan I’d love a man vending machine in the hallway of my celebrity home, and I know this sounds like an ‘80s high-concept film starring Andrew McCarthy in his puppy-dog-eyes-golden-boy-prime shrunk inside a vending machine in a department store in Hong Kong, because this is my version, and have you seen vending machines in [...]

The Fish Gods

William Todd Seabrook It was a hot day when Olly and I went out to find the Fish Gods. We packed the boat, and pushed off from shore, rowing with one paddle after Olly lost the other in the water slapping at some bass. On the shore there was a man in a straw hat [...]